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Thickness Measurement

Thickness Measurement is a vital and manditory component in the Class Renewal process for all commercial vessels and platforms. Using Ultrasound to pulse within the boundaries of a material, time and distance are measured which instantaneously gives the actual thickness. This is then compared to the original build thickness and a diminution calculation is made.

It’s about People and Skill!
AlfaTest specializes in the Heavy Marine sector! We understand ship construction. Our certified technicians are thickness measurement specialists, with strong shipping backgrounds and they are technically trained and certified for the job.

Preparation and Planning
Everyone knows that surprises can cost a lot of time and money. Our aim is to help avoid this. Wherever possible, it is imperative that an owner / manager start the survey process in good time prior to docking.

Thickness Measurement for Renewal and Special Surveys can start as early as 15 months prior to due date! This means that measurements can be taken, evaluated and a repair specification established.

Important! - For Class surveys, a Surveyor from the appointed Classification Society must be involved in the process from the start. It is his / her decision as to the extent of measurements to be taken.

Thickness Measurement with subsequent Condition Assessment and Recommended Repair reports can also be carried out without Class involvement.
This is often the case when an owner / manager feels the need for an accurate status report of the condition of the hull and internals. This document becomes the property of the owner and will remain completely confidential. Note however that these measurements cannot be used in subsequent Class surveys.